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Movable Floors Are Taking Flexibility Of Indoor And Outdoor Living To A Whole New Level



Tieleman Pool Technology

Recently a video of Tieleman Pool Technology went absolutely viral with over 13 million views on Pool Magazine’s TikTok and over 14 million views on Tieleman’s Instagram account. The video showed a residential movable floor of 8.80 x 5.65m (28.87 x 18.54ft) in an indoor pool located in the United Kingdom. “We know we are engineering and installing a unique product that we felt would amaze many people, but we never imagined it would blow up like this,” says Marijn, Project Manager of the Netherlands-based manufacturer Tieleman Pool Technology.

“This is engineering from another planet… how does that work?”

Just one of the many comments given to the video of the movable floor. Of course, going viral with a video like this will lead to getting countless questions. Questions such as where does the water go when you lower the floor, what system is beneath the movable floor deck and much more. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions answered.

  • What happens when you lower the floor?

The movable floor is a safe and rigid floating platform controlled by means of a push button, touch screen or a mobile device. When you push the button to lower the floor, the water hydraulic cylinder pulls the movable floor underwater. When the floor is moved, the water will gently flow through the small gap between the floor and the pool wall (so the water always remains in the pool). Within about five minutes your swimming hall, patio or living space is transformed into a full-size swimming pool.

  • What if you want to raise the floor? How does that work?

When you want to raise the floor to a higher position, the cylinder pressure is released in a controlled way and the floor will rise automatically as a result of the upward pressure caused by the integrated buoyancy.

  • How much weight can a movable floor hold when up?

The bearing capacity of a movable floor starts at a minimum of 100kg per m2 (220lbs per 10.76 ft2). This makes the safe floor deck in a closed position extremely suitable to serve as a patio, party venue or extension of the indoor/outdoor living space.

  • How do you clean under the movable floor?

A hatch is made in the construction of the movable floor, the tile located above the hatch can be removed. This allows Tieleman’s service technicians (who are A-1 certified divers) to dive under the movable floor. This way they can easily vacuum the bottom of the pool and inspect and maintain the movable floor system properly.

If your question is not answered here you should definitely check Tieleman’s FAQ page to learn more about the fundamentals of a movable floor.

Definitely not a mainstream product for the average pool owner

A movable floor, as it might suggest, is a product that belongs in the category of ultimate luxury. While the videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media, and homeowners might be wondering if they can have one of their own; this is still a pool feature reserved for the elite. This is not surprising when you consider the level of engineering and high quality materials it takes to manufacture and install this kind of product.  

The history of the movable floor

You might not be expecting it, but the product has actually been on the market for quite a long time. For example, Tieleman Pool Technology has been developing customized pool solutions since 1970. To this day, the movable floor has been especially common for hydrotherapy purposes in medical institutions such as rehabilitation clinics, healthcare facilities and hospitals. In order to achieve optimal results with hydrotherapy, variation in depth is the key factor for success. To meet this specific need of the medical sector, the movable floor was developed back in the days.

Over the years, the product has evolved into a state-of-the-art pool solution that is not only suitable for medical institutions, but has also made its way into the public and residential market. Technology has been highly improved and there are countless add-on options for movable floors nowadays. These include integrated stairs (corner stairs, full width stairs and more), integrated sun decks/lounge areas and swim-out benches.

What does a proper movable floor consist of?

There are, of course, plenty of DIY videos of movable floors and other pool solutions. But what should a proper movable floor consist of if it wants to guarantee quality, a long lifespan and low maintenance?

First of all the construction beneath the floor deck must be resistant to corrosion and chlorides. That is why the unique Tieleman movable floor system, in contrast to others, consists of a Marine grade 316L stainless steel construction. For applications with highly corrosive environments, such as swimming pools, Marine grade 316L stainless steel is far superior and will have an extended lifespan compared with 304 grade. This is because Marine grade 316L stainless steel contains high levels of nickel, chromium and molybdenum. The molybdenum is added to protect the stainless steel from the elements such as chlorine and increases corrosion resistance, making this type of steel extremely suitable for use in swimming pools.

Secondly, no oil contamination of the pool can take place. Therefore the unique Tieleman system is powered by a water hydraulic cylinder. This technology eliminates the risk of (oil) contamination to the pool. And last but not least, Tieleman offers excellent service. At Tieleman, we can proudly state that we have been the preferred service provider for decades for our client base. With over 50 years of expertise in all areas of pool technology, Tieleman is your best choice to service your movable floor, says Koen, Marketing & Communications manager at Tieleman.

All the above makes a Tieleman movable floor an extremely durable system with a lifespan of up to 25-30 years.

A great opportunity for high-end U.S. pool builders and contractors to become a certified dealer

The most interesting part for pool builders is that a movable floor not only ensures ultimate safety, it also provides the versatility to create unique pool environments that are multi-use spaces. For example, you can use the floor deck (in a closed position) as a basketball court or even a party venue. This is perhaps the most appealing aspect for pool builders.

Since companies that manufacture, install and maintain movable floors generally do not build the pool itself, this offers excellent business opportunities for pool builders and others. For example the construction of the pool, the water treatment and the tiling of the movable floor needs to be done by a (local) contractor or pool builder. This is most definitely the right time for high-end pool builders, architects and contractors to make their move by partnering with a movable floor builder like Tieleman

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Beatbot AquaSense Pro Pool Cleaner Review



Beatbot AquaSense Pro Pool Cleaner Review

In the realm of robotic pool cleaners, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro emerges as a game-changer, setting new standards with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. As the world’s first all-in-one intelligent robotic pool cleaner, the AquaSense Pro promises a comprehensive cleaning experience that extends beyond the pool floor. With its innovative design, technological prowess, and a suite of unique features, this cleaner is a standout in the competitive pool-cleaning market.

Design and Features

Beatbot has hit the mark with the AquaSense Pro’s engineering. Equipped with nine motors, 20 sensors, and onboard AI, its design is not only sleek but also robust. The unit itself weighs in at 24 pounds, conveying a sense of durability and reliability. The device’s intuitive onboard controls, featuring four modes and power buttons, make it user-friendly and accessible to both pool maintenance novices and seasoned professionals.

The AquaSense Pro boasts 5-in-1 cordless cleaning capability, covering the pool floor, walls, waterline, surface, and incorporating a built-in water clarifier system. The AquaSense Pro employs the AquaGlide™ Simulated Flight Propulsion for surface cleaning, ensuring it glides effortlessly to tackle debris and residues. The ClearWater™ clarifier dispenser is another innovative addition, distributing clarifying agents evenly to enhance overall water clarity.

Beatbot AquaSense Pro

Main Features

  • World’s 1st 5-in-1 Cleaning: Clarification/Surface/Waterline/Floor/Walls Powered by 9 Motors.
  • Best Intelligent Path Optimization Powered by Quad-Core 1.8GHz Processor.
  • Industry-Exclusive Intelligent Return to Starting Point and Surface Parking.
  • Powerful Wall Cleaning with Brushless Main-Pump Motor up to 5500 GPH Suction.
  • Effortless Cleaning Control with the Beatbot APP and OTA Software Upgrades.
  • Award-Winning and Eco-Friendly Cordless Submarine Propulsion Design.
  • Superior Cleaning Efficiency and Coverage with 2×2 Independent Roller Brushes.
  • Extreme Safety and Reliability with 15 Certifications, including ETL, CEC, and IP68.
  • Ultimate Convenience with Cordless Charging Dock for Plug-Free Operations.
  • 9.5 Hours Surface Cleaning and 5 Hours Floor Cleaning with 10400mAh Battery.
Beatbot AquaSense Pro Pool Cleaner

Performance and Cleaning Prowess

The AquaSense Pro’s performance is commendable, showcasing systematic cleaning that starts with mapping the pool. Utilizing advanced sensors, including two ultrasonic sensors, the cleaner calculates the optimal cleaning path with exceptional accuracy. Its intelligent mapping capabilities allow the robot to navigate efficiently without getting stuck, offering a seamless cleaning experience.

During a full cleaning run, the AquaSense Pro adopts an S-shaped pattern for the floor and walls and an N-shaped pattern for the walls and waterline. This strategic cleaning approach ensures thorough coverage, leaving no area untouched. The automatic return feature, coupled with water purge capabilities, adds convenience to the cleaning process. Remarkably, the AquaSense Pro parks itself at the pool’s surface upon completion, eliminating the need for manual retrieval from the pool bottom.

Charging and Convenience

Beatbot has revolutionized the charging process with an innovative dock design. Instead of a traditional plug and cable setup, the AquaSense Pro docks on a charging station where exposed electrodes charge the battery. This not only simplifies recharging but also aids in draining excess water, contributing to the device’s overall efficiency.

Beatbot AquaSense Pro Pool Cleaner

Intelligence and Versatility

Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, the AquaSense Pro provides seamless control through its dedicated Android and iOS app. Users can effortlessly switch between cleaning modes, making it a convenient and versatile tool for pool maintenance. Designed for various pool types, including in-ground and above-ground, and supporting multiple surfaces such as concrete, fiberglass, vinyl, and ceramic tile, the AquaSense Pro proves its versatility.

Affordable Alternative

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on performance, Beatbot offers the AquaSense model. While it lacks some of the luxury features of the AquaSense Pro, it remains a reliable and efficient pool cleaner. With three cleaning modes and intelligent path optimization powered by a Quad-Core 1.8GHz processor, the AquaSense is a practical alternative for pool owners who prioritize cost-effectiveness.

Beatbot Pool Cleaner Upgrade

Should You Buy the Beatbot AquaSense Pro?

In terms of cleaning performance, the AquaSense Pro excels, effectively removing both visible and invisible debris. The two-layer filter basket captures particles as small as 150 micrometers, showcasing its thorough cleaning capabilities. The dual sets of brushes, strategically placed at the front and back, work simultaneously with different speeds and directions, providing precise control and extensive coverage. This not only enhances the cleaning power but also eliminates the need for frequent manual scrubbing of pool surfaces.


  1. Diverse 5-in-1 pool cleaning capabilities
  2. Extended battery life with up to 9.5 hours of continuous runtime
  3. Smart MemoryPark feature for easy retrieval from the pool surface


  1. Requires periodic charging
  2. Unable to identify new debris in previously cleaned sections
  3. Possibility of larger debris floating away during surface cleaning

If you’re in search of a technologically advanced robotic pool cleaner that delivers on its promises, the AquaSense Pro is undoubtedly worth considering. Dive into innovation and let the AquaSense Pro redefine your pool maintenance experience.

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Pool Service

Orenda (a HASA Company) and Skimmer to Revolutionize Pool Maintenance with New Partnership



Skimmer - Orenda Partnership

Skimmer, America’s most widely-used pool service platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Orenda Technologies (a HASA Company), a trailblazer in water treatment solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the user experience for pool professionals by integrating the Orenda Calculator™, with its Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) and dosage recommendation engine, into Skimmer’s software.

The inclusion of Orenda’s LSI calculator and dosage recommendation engine within Skimmer’s platform marks a significant milestone in pool service technology. The LSI serves as an impartial measurement of water balance, specifically gauging calcium carbonate saturation. By assessing whether the water is aggressive/corrosive, balanced, or scale-forming, the LSI plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal water chemistry. 

This, combined with Skimmer’s easy-to-use, all-in-one software will give tens of thousands of pool pros access to water quality insights right in the Skimmer app. 

“Partnering with Orenda and HASA aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing pool professionals with cutting-edge tools,” says Jack Nelson, CEO of Skimmer. 

Integrating the Orenda Calculator™ into Skimmer empowers our customers to make informed decisions that directly impact water quality and customer satisfaction,” says Nelson.

“We are excited to integrate with partner software that helps pool professionals up their game, and that can expand upon the app we have built. Skimmer is a powerful tool that helps thousands of pros improve their business every day. This integration allows for us to help those same pool pros even further. With this partnership, Skimmer users will be able to save chemistry results and history, which is something our customers have asked of us for years.  This partnership makes that possible,” says Eric Knight, VP of Pro Marketing at HASA/Orenda. 

The integration is slated for launch in the coming months, promising a user-friendly experience that streamlines pool maintenance. This collaboration underscores both companies’ dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions within the pool maintenance industry.

For more information on the Langelier Saturation Index and its impact on water chemistry, visit Orenda’s blog at

About Skimmer:

Skimmer is America’s most widely used pool service platform. The company is on a mission to modernize the pool and spa service and repair industry through easy-to-use software and best-in-class support. Over 25,000 pool service professionals servicing 500,000 pools in North America use Skimmer to get organized, get paid faster, and grow their businesses.

About Orenda:

Orenda (a HASA Company) is at the forefront of revolutionizing water treatment solutions for pools, emphasizing the importance of proper water chemistry and sustainability. Through its advanced technology and expertise, Orenda helps optimize pool water quality by empowering pool professionals with industry-leading products and educational resources.

About HASA:

HASA, Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of high-quality water treatment products used to sanitize and maintain water systems, including swimming pools, water tanks and containment vessels for recreational, industrial, and municipal end markets. Founded in 1964, the company operates out of facilities in California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Texas. Over its 60-year history, HASA has established a strong reputation for supplying superior products through excellent logistics and distribution capabilities. Additional information about HASA is available at

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Jes Ellacott

[email protected]

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This Pool Was Designed Specifically For a Lamborghini



In the realm of opulence and architectural innovation, a unique project has emerged, blending the world of high-end automobiles with the tranquility of a residential swimming pool. Nestled in the waterfront properties of South Florida, a cutting-edge pool, dubbed the “Lambo Pool,” has been crafted to showcase a homeowner’s Lamborghini in a mesmerizing aquatic display. This extraordinary venture was a collaboration between Foxterra Design, Custom Pool Systems, and Jonny Nalepa, a distinguished pool professional and aquatics engineer from Smart Aquatics.

A consultant on projects throughout the Sunshine state, Nalepa’s burgeoning firm Smart Aquatics recently had the opportunity to collaborate on numerous high profile projects, the latest was completed several months ago and has already begun turning heads.

Swimming Pool Built to Showcase a $250K Lamborghini

“The Lambo Pool” project, as Jonny Nalepa affectionately calls it, was brought to life through the vision of entrepreneur Alex Moeller, a passionate car enthusiast and homeowner in Davie, Florida. Moeller’s desire was to seamlessly integrate his prized Lamborghini Aventador SVJ into his backyard, an idea that prompted him to engage the expertise of Foxterra Design.

Foxterra Design, led by the innovative duo Justin and Nate, known for their wild and incredible designs, took on the challenge of creating a pool that would not only house the luxurious vehicle but also serve as a breathtaking water feature. The project was further brought to fruition by Custom Pool Systems, the builders responsible for transforming the conceptual design into a tangible reality.

Jonny Nalepa, in his role as a consultant, played a crucial part in transposing Foxterra Design’s conceptual renderings into a working set of construction drawings that Custom Pool Systems used to physically build the pool. With the Lamborghini being a high-value asset, Nalepa and his team took meticulous steps to prevent any potential damage. This involved extensive research, including reaching out to Lamborghini to obtain precise measurements and specifications for the vehicle.

Technical Challenges Bringing The Project To Fruition

“With a vehicle that’s probably over $250,000, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t damage the car by making the water too deep or when the car is driving over the perimeter overflow there,” said Nalepa, “I mean, there’s a slot with a gutter underneath, so we have a cantilevered condition. We got to make sure this thing’s going to work right.”

“This one happened to be on a grass edge, but we also had to make sure that we could support the vehicle going over this perimeter overflow as many times as the client wanted to move it, ” explained Nalepa.

“We took Foxterra’s design and we developed it to make sure that we met all the setbacks and the codes and everything for Miami. We did our due diligence and were pretty thorough. We looked up the actual model, make and model of the vehicle. We measured the height of it. We measured the width of the wheels, because there are some bubblers in that area where the car is parked. So we don’t want the car to drive over the bubblers, or at the very least, if the car does drive over them, we don’t want them to crack because most pool fixtures are plastic,” said Nalepa.

Going The Extra Mile To Research

In his detailed explanation, Nalepa mentioned, “We contacted Lamborghini, and we got all the specifications. We confirmed what the max slope was. The car can go up and down and left and right. And we wanted to make sure that we had enough water to overflow this feature so that you could visually see that it’s a water feature.”

“We had to modify what our typical perimeter overflow detail is,” explained Nalepa, “there’s a gutter beneath, in this case, a stainless steel overhang. It’s like an L bracket almost that overhangs a gutter and comes almost right up against the pool structure. So all you see is a little strip, but in the area where the car goes over, we didn’t want to have a full overhang of six or eight inches.”

“The car is pretty heavy, and you never know what’s going to happen,” said Nalepa, “someone could park it and stop. The back wheels could be sitting on that overhang, so we had to account for that and beef up the structure on that side.”

Thinking Around Corners

The way this was done is pretty ingenious, according to Nalepa. “We removed the drop piping from that entry area and wanted to make sure that the structure was robust enough so we got rid of all the PVC plumbing that goes in a typical perimeter overflow edge condition. Doing it that way we could increase the structural integrity of the concrete. We kind of made it a minimal gutter where the overhang is only a few inches.”

“We went through a couple of different iterations, by the way, before we landed on that one. In the end, it’s kind of a simple solution to achieve the look Foxterra was going for,” said Nalepa.

Despite the difficult technical challenges, the Lambo Pool was a resounding success. Nalepa expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We were excited to work on this project, but it was definitely a challenging one.”

“Lambo Pool” Collaboration Rolled Out a Winner

One of the standout moments for Nalepa was the opportunity to drive the Lamborghini onto the feature, a surreal experience for any car enthusiast. Reflecting on the uniqueness of the project, he remarked, “It’s so far out of something that you can dream up, the fact that Foxterra was like, ‘Let’s put it in the pool.’ Most people may have just parked it next to the pool or something like that, but they went for it.”

Custom Pool Systems also knocked it out of the park on this project. “The perimeter overflow is impressive. There are no dry spots. They did an incredible job executing and building this project. There’s a level of craftsmanship that you can see a mile away. It looks and feels expensive and that’s through material selections and just the way the mitered edges are and devils in the details kinds of things,” said Nalepa.

The Lambo Pool stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of talented professionals in the fields of design, construction, and aquatics engineering. It exemplifies the intersection of luxury, creativity, and meticulous planning, resulting in a truly extraordinary fusion of automotive and aquatic excellence.

Want to learn more about the Lamborghini Pool? Listen to our entire conversation with Jonny Nalepa on the Pool Magazine podcast.

Photo / Video Credits: Jimi Smith Photography
Designer: Foxterra Design
Builder: Custom Pool Systems
Aquatics Engineering: Smart Aquatics

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