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Editorial Staff

Husband and wife marketing team, Joe Trusty and Marianne Trusty are the owners, publishers and editorial team of the website, first founded in January 2020.  The editorial staff of Pool Magazine routinely report on pool industry news. Publishing original content, press releases, editorials, syndicating content published by major U.S. news organizations and interviewing the leading figures in the pool industry.

Editorial Team

Joe Trusty

Owner and Editor in Chief – Joe Trusty is an Internet Entrepreneur with a wealth of pool industry experience. Prior to starting the publication Pool Magazine and the marketing firm Pool Marketing, Trusty worked for 6 years as Director of Marketing & Technology for Premier Pools & Spas, the world’s largest pool construction franchise. Published author, expert in search engine marketing, and Internet Technology, Trusty is a thought leader in the pool industry with a wide array of skillsets.

Marianne Trusty

Associate Editor – Marianne Trusty is Co-owner of Pool Magazine. Marianne’s responsbilities entail fact checking, vetting, proof reading, and writing original content for the publication. Marianne is also the point of contact for Pool Magazine’s association with PHTA (Pool & Hot Tub Association) as well as other industry related organizations.