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Pool Magazine™ is the leading up-to-the-minute news source for Swimming Pool News and Pool Features. Our digital and print publication is syndicated in numerous high-traffic websites around the internet and through our email and physical mailing lists. We also aggregate the latest swimming pool news all in one convenient place directly on our easy to use mobile friendly app.

We aim to provide the latest pool news as well as the most current information about products and featured stories pertaining to the pool industry.

Our magazine features Pool Contractors, Pool Service Companies, and Pool Equipment Manufacturers. We are on the cutting edge with the latest most up-to-date stories and features about the pool industry. Follow our Subreddit and Twitter to get the latest news.

Unlike many other news portals, we are niche-focused. Because we are Pool Magazine™, we only focus on the Swimming Pool Industry. Our writers are experienced bloggers and pool experts from around the entire pool industry.

Pool Magazine™ is owned and operated by©, a parent company of internet brands such as Pool Contractor, Pool Guide, Swimming Pool Loan and many others.

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