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Pool & Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in 2024



Pool & Outdoor Living Trends to Watch in 2024

Over the last few years, there have been growing outdoor living trends that revolve around transforming outdoor spaces into stylish hangouts. Instead of just using their backyards for barbecues, people are making them cool places that blend nature with luxury. This shift is more than aesthetic; it’s about cultivating a positive atmosphere and embracing a healthy lifestyle. Pools, once solely for swimming, have evolved into versatile retreats, offering spaces to unwind, socialize, and elevate the overall charm of homes.

As we approach the new year, the excitement for upcoming outdoor design trends is palpable. Outdoor spaces are no longer mere additions but have become the focal point. Anticipate exciting changes in 2024, with a fusion of nature and modern style creating inviting outdoor environments. The goal is to make these spaces an extension of our joyful and relaxed lives. Join us on this adventure as we explore the trends that will transform your outdoor space into the ultimate hangout in 2024, bringing more joy, relaxation, and style to your outdoor paradise!

In this insightful guide for Pool Magazine, we delve into the forefront of outdoor living trends set to shape 2024.

Luxury Pool & Patio Furniture: Relax in Style

Step into the world of pool and patio furniture trends for 2024, where style meets functionality for an unparalleled outdoor experience. When it comes to outdoor seating, comfort and durability take center stage. Weather-resistant materials and fabrics ensure longevity in various climates, and ergonomic designs deliver the ultimate relaxation. The year heralds a trend of mixing and matching furniture styles, from the avant-garde allure of brands like Vondom or Tenjam to cohesive, classic styles offered by Floating Luxuries and Ledge Lounger, enabling the creation of personalized outdoor oases that blend individuality with contemporary design.

Outdoor Living Trends for 2024 - In Pool & Patio Furniture

Sustainability takes center stage with eco-friendly options like the Vondom Revolution, emphasizing responsible sourcing and production. This trend underscores a collective commitment to preserving the environment while indulging in the pleasures of outdoor living.

For the ultimate in-pool relaxation, the spotlight shines on in-pool loungers in 2024. The rising popularity of the Baja shelf offers a luxurious sunbathing experience, creating a high-end resort feel right in the backyard. Online retailers like AquaBlu Mosaics, boasting the largest online collection of in-pool furniture options, ensure a variety of styles and colors to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Outdoor Living Trends - In Pool Furniture

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Outdoor Kitchens: The Heart of Outdoor Living

Outdoor kitchens are fast becoming an important focal point in outdoor living trends, embodying a trend that seamlessly merges cooking and entertainment. In 2024, the design landscape will spotlight innovative layouts emphasizing practicality and aesthetics.

Materials facilitating a smooth indoor-outdoor transition, such as eco-friendly glass tiles, are gaining traction. Stylish flooring options like pavers extend beyond traditional choices, contributing both sophistication and functionality to outdoor kitchens. As outdoor living spaces integrate into daily life, material selection becomes crucial for crafting inviting environments that balance culinary enthusiasm with a desire for a stylish outdoor retreat.

Speaking of smooth indoor-outdoor transitions, matching porcelain patio pavers with interior tiles is a growing trend that isn’t going to slow down any time soon! Whether used in an outdoor kitchen or pool deck, this look creates a modern, cohesive atmosphere that helps create the illusion of a larger space. The design possibilities are endless with choices to mimic wood, natural stone, and cement styles, providing options for any aesthetic.

Outdoor Living Trends - Outdoor Kitchens

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Dive into a world of artistic and innovative pool designs that redefine the aquatic experience. From unique shapes to captivating layouts and styles, the modern pool is a canvas of creativity.

Custom mosaics add a personalized touch to pool surfaces, offering a simple yet impactful way to express individual style. The process of creating these artistic features has become more accessible, allowing homeowners to tailor their pools to reflect their unique tastes. The versatility of custom mosaics extends to various applications, turning pool bottoms and sides into stunning works of art. This trend brings a touch of personality to the aquatic space, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind retreat.

For the ultimate in pool luxury, the rise of all-glass tile pools takes center stage. Beyond their undeniable beauty, these pools offer practical benefits, including easy maintenance and durability. The transparency of glass tiles creates a shimmering effect, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the pool. The result is a captivating aquatic oasis that combines sophistication with functionality, proving that the beauty of water can be experienced in the most elegant and innovative ways.

Outdoor Living

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Outdoor Games & Entertainment: Enhancing Fun in the Sun

Embark on the resurgence of classic outdoor games as we enter 2024, rediscovering the joy of cornhole, ping pong, ring toss, and more. Ledge Lounger unveils a beautiful and modern collection that defines this year’s trend, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair. Not just aesthetically pleasing, these outdoor games prioritize durability, ensuring prolonged enjoyment for friends and family in the evolving landscape of outdoor entertainment.

Elevate your pool-time enjoyment with a unique pool caddy, a standout accessory embodying the spirit of outdoor trends in 2024. The AquaBar, for instance, is an innovative addition that not only brings the bar to the water but also provides a stylish and convenient way to keep refreshments close at hand. Beyond its practicality, the AquaBar enhances the overall pool experience, capturing the essence of fun and relaxation that defines the current wave of outdoor entertainment trends.

Playing Games in The Backyard

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In the enchanting realm of landscape and garden, one of the leading outdoor living trends for 2024 focuses on a profound shift towards embracing nature in innovative ways. The integration of greenery and natural elements goes beyond traditional gardens, with artificial turf experiencing a notable surge in popularity beyond putting greens. This versatile and lush alternative brings numerous benefits, from its ease of maintenance to its inherent beauty, redefining outdoor spaces as havens of both tranquility and aesthetic appeal.

Vertical gardening is on the rise in 2024, with a focus on garden walls and planters. The rise of innovative solutions such as the Good Turf Co. artificial garden walls and the modern planters by Vondom exemplify this trend, showcasing how greenery can be optimized to maximize space and create stunning visual effects. These space-saving techniques not only add a touch of nature to urban environments but also serve as practical solutions for those seeking to make the most of limited outdoor spaces.

Patio pavers take center stage as essential elements in the outdoor design landscape for 2024. From porcelain to stone varieties, these versatile materials offer a plethora of styles and applications, transforming patios into personalized works of art. Whether creating a sleek and modern look with porcelain or opting for the timeless charm of stone, patio pavers provide a durable foundation for outdoor spaces, reflecting the ongoing trend of turning landscapes into seamless extensions of the home.

Outdoor Living - Patio Pavers

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Fire & Water Features: Creating Unforgettable Ambiance

Our final 2024 outdoor living trend, the use of fire and water features, takes center stage in creating an unforgettable ambiance in any outdoor space. The fusion of fire and water in combination bowls becomes a focal point, striking a delicate balance that enhances relaxation. This trend taps into the elemental harmony of two powerful forces, elevating outdoor environments into serene retreats that captivate the senses and soothe the soul.

In the realm of outdoor entertainment, fire pits and tables emerge as must-have features for 2024. These elements transform outdoor spaces into warm and inviting areas, providing a cozy setting for after-dinner drinks or family get-togethers. Brands like The Outdoor Plus and Prism Hardscapes offer innovative designs that redefine the traditional fire feature. The allure of flickering flames and the soothing crackle of a fire pit enhance the overall outdoor experience, making it a cherished backdrop for memorable moments.

Water features take on a calming role in 2024, with water bowls and the gentle flow of running water creating tranquil pool and spa environments. The incorporation of water features in outdoor design contributes to a calming ambiance, providing a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This trend highlights the therapeutic effects of water, transforming any pool into a haven of relaxation and promoting a sense of balance and well-being.

Fire & Water Features

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In the ever-evolving landscape of outdoor living, the trends of 2024 promise a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and sustainability. The rising inclination to transform outdoor spaces into chic hangout spots reflects a collective desire to infuse nature with luxury, fostering good vibes and a healthy lifestyle.

As we step into the new year, the excitement surrounding outdoor design is palpable. Outdoor spaces are no longer mere extras; they are the main event. Whether it’s the allure of luxury pool furniture, the innovation in outdoor kitchens, the creative twists in game and entertainment options, the embrace of nature in landscaping, or the creation of unforgettable ambiance through fire and water features, 2024 sets the stage for a transformative outdoor experience. Join us in exploring these outdoor living trends, as we usher in a year of bringing more joy, relaxation, and style to the great outdoors. Cheers to an extraordinary year of outdoor living!

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Cristi Oramas is a media designer and copywriter. Her work has been featured in multiple online and print magazines. She has years of experience in the pool industry creating media assets, writing blogs, and educational articles. For guest postings and other business inquiries, contact her directly

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10 Ways To Throw The Ultimate Halloween Party In The Privacy of Your Own Backyard



10 Ways To Throw The Ultimate Halloween Party In The Privacy of Your Own Backyard

Halloween is a time for ghouls, ghosts, and goblins to come out and play, and what better place to celebrate this spooky holiday than by planning the ultimate Halloween party? If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, you have a unique canvas to create a fun and festive atmosphere. While decorating your home’s interior can be a lot of fun, why not take the festivities outdoors and create a ghoulishly good time for family and friends in your very own backyard? With a little creativity, you can transform your pool and outdoor living area into a spooktacular Halloween haven that will impress your guests and make your holiday memorable.

10 Great Tips For Decorating Your Pool & Backyard For Halloween

Throw the ultimate Halloween party in your backyard with these 10 great tips.
Throw the ultimate Halloween party in your backyard with these 10 great tips.

1. Spooky Decorations: No Halloween celebration is complete without decorations. Start by decking out your backyard with spooky and fun elements. Hang fake cobwebs, carve pumpkins with candles or LED lights, and use inflatable ghosts, witches, and other thematic decorations. Create a haunted atmosphere that will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a Halloween wonderland.

2. Fog Machine Magic: A fog machine can add an eerie and mysterious touch to your Halloween setup. Position it near the pool area to create the illusion of a haunted swamp. The fog can waft around your decorations, making for a genuinely spooky atmosphere.

3. Enchanting Lighting: The right lighting can set the mood for your Halloween celebration. String orange and purple lights around your backyard, place lanterns on tables, and use colored bulbs to create a magical and mysterious ambiance. Let the play of light and shadow make your Halloween night truly enchanting.

4. Creepy Cuisine: Delight your guests with a menu of Halloween-themed snacks and beverages. Serve “witches’ brew” punch, “mummy dogs” (hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough), and an assortment of candies. Don’t forget Halloween-themed cupcakes and cookies for dessert.

5. Spooky Costumes: Encourage your guests to don their spookiest and most creative costumes. Host a costume contest and let your pool area become a runway for your guests to show off their Halloween finery.

6. Poolside Thrills: Having a swimming pool offers unique possibilities for Halloween decor. Float pumpkin candles on the water’s surface, use underwater LED lights to create a mesmerizing glow, and consider adding pool-safe dyes to transform your pool into a spooky green or purple. Your pool can become the focal point of your Halloween celebration, providing a beautiful and eerie backdrop.

7. Haunting Sounds: Set the mood with Halloween-themed music and spooky sound effects. Create a playlist that includes classic Halloween tunes and eerie soundscapes to enhance the overall atmosphere.

8. Games and Activities: Organize fun and spooky games like bobbing for apples, a pumpkin carving contest, or a scavenger hunt. Consider setting up a mini haunted house or a “haunted” pool area for your guests to explore.

9. Outdoor Movie Night: If you have the equipment, host an outdoor movie screening in your backyard. Set up a projector and a screen, and let your guests enjoy a spooky movie night under the stars.

10. Bonfire Bonanza: A bonfire or fire pit can add warmth and a cozy campfire vibe to your Halloween celebration. Gather your guests around the fire, tell ghost stories, and roast marshmallows for s’mores.

Adding fun Halloween decor in your backyard creates a fun and festive vibe.
Adding fun Halloween decor in your backyard creates a fun and festive vibe.

Creating a Vibe for Poolside Eerie Elegance

Start by focusing on your pool area, as it can serve as a central point for your outdoor Halloween décor. To create an eerie but tasteful atmosphere, consider the following ideas:

Pool Lighting: Illuminate your pool area with eerie, soft lighting. Purple, green, or orange underwater LED lights can cast a mysterious glow, while string lights along the pool’s edge or floating lanterns can add an enchanting ambiance.

Floating Pumpkins: Float faux pumpkins in your pool for a playful touch. You can carve spooky faces into them or paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint for a haunting effect. These will not only look great but also serve as conversation starters.

Pool Accents: Add skeleton floaties, pool inflatables like giant spiders or witches’ hats, and spider web decor. These additions will transform your pool into a spooky lagoon while keeping it fun.

Cozy up for a memorable Halloween with an evening roasting marshmallows by the fire pit.
Cozy up for a memorable Halloween with an evening roasting marshmallows by the fire pit.

Cozying Up by the Firepit

If your outdoor space includes a firepit conversation area, don’t miss the opportunity to give it a Halloween makeover:

Firepit Decor: Arrange logs and kindling in a way that resembles a witch’s cauldron, complete with a bubbling fog machine. Add black candles and eerie decor around the firepit area, setting the stage for ghostly tales and roasted marshmallows.

Blankets and Pillows: Provide cozy blankets and Halloween-themed pillows to keep guests warm and comfortable. This will encourage everyone to linger around the firepit, share stories, and enjoy the crisp fall air.

Create an elegant table for outdoor dining with the right Halloween decorations.
Create an elegant table for outdoor dining with the right Halloween decorations.

Dining Al Fresco with a Halloween Twist

For those planning an outdoor Halloween dinner party, consider the following dining area decorations:

Themed Table Settings: Invest in Halloween-themed tableware like plates, cups, and napkins featuring jack-o’-lanterns, witches, or ghosts. Place a festive centerpiece on the table, like a pumpkin vase filled with dark-hued flowers.

Candelabras and Lanterns: Decorate the dining area with candelabras and lanterns filled with black or orange candles. This will create a hauntingly beautiful ambiance for your meal.

Getting Creative in The Backyard For Halloween

Having a swimming pool on Halloween adds a layer of excitement and creativity to your festivities. It turns your backyard into an even more attractive venue for hosting a Halloween party that your guests will remember for years to come. The combination of water, eerie lighting, and imaginative decor transforms your outdoor space into a magical, spooky realm, making Halloween a truly unforgettable experience.

With these ideas, your pool and outdoor living area can be transformed into a Halloween paradise, offering a perfect balance of spookiness and fun. Your guests of all ages will appreciate the effort, and you’ll create lasting memories that make your home the go-to spot for Halloween celebrations year after year. So, let your creativity run wild and enjoy a hauntingly good time this Halloween in your outdoor space.

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How To Throw The Ultimate Labor Day Pool Party

Looking to throw the Ultimate Labor Day pool party in your backyard? Follow these 10 great tips from Pool Magazine.



How To Throw The Ultimate Labor Day Pool Party

As the sun-drenched days of summer begin to wane, the arrival of Labor Day marks not just the end of the season, but an opportunity to bid farewell in style. Labor Day, a national holiday in the United States and Canada, is celebrated on the first Monday of September. This year, Labor Day falls on September 4th. While Labor Day first originated as a day to honor the contributions of labor unions and the labor movement, it has since evolved into a time for relaxation, barbecues, and perhaps most famously, pool parties. With the sun still shining brightly and temperatures remaining inviting, what better way to commemorate the end of summer than by hosting the ultimate Labor Day pool party?

The timing of Labor Day couldn’t be more perfect for pool owners. After enjoying a season full of swimming, splashing, and soaking up the sun, Labor Day offers a final hurrah before closing up the pool for the cooler months ahead. It’s a day to celebrate the joys of outdoor living, togetherness, and the memories made throughout the summer. As families and friends gather to commemorate the holiday, throwing a memorable Labor Day pool party becomes an exciting endeavor.

10 Great Tips on Throwing The Ultimate Labor Day Pool Party

10 Suggestions for the Ultimate Labor Day Pool Party

  1. Invitations that Set the Tone: Start your planning by sending out creative invitations that mirror the festive spirit of Labor Day. Incorporate watercolor designs, beachy elements, or even a playful pool float graphic to give your guests a glimpse of the fun that awaits.
  2. Themed Decor: Choose a fun and vibrant theme that resonates with summer vibes. Tiki-inspired, nautical, or a tropical luau – the possibilities are endless. Use themed decorations to transform your poolside into a visual delight.
  3. Poolside Tunes: Create a playlist that captures the essence of summer. From classic hits to contemporary jams, the right music can elevate the atmosphere and set the tone for a laid-back celebration.
  4. Pool Games and Floats: Keep the energy high by providing an array of pool games and floats. Whether it’s water volleyball, pool basketball, or simply lounging on inflatable unicorns, these activities ensure that everyone remains engaged and entertained.
  5. Delightful Drinks: Design a signature cocktail or mocktail that encapsulates the flavors of the season. Fresh fruit blends, refreshing mock sangrias, or even creative twists on the classic piña colada can add a delightful touch.
  6. Gourmet Grub: Elevate the traditional barbecue fare by introducing gourmet options. Grilled seafood skewers, unique burger toppings, and a variety of fresh salads can cater to different palates.
  7. Chill-out Zones: Create cozy corners with comfortable seating and shade, allowing guests to take a break from the water while still enjoying the festivities. Think hammocks, lounge chairs, and breezy canopies.
  8. Sunset Spectacle: If your party extends into the evening, plan for a magical sunset spectacle. Set up an outdoor cinema with a projector and screen, allowing everyone to enjoy a movie under the stars.
  9. Photo Opportunities: Designate an area with props and backdrops for fun photo opportunities. Encourage your guests to capture the memories and share them on social media.
  10. Farewell to Summer Favors: As a sweet parting gesture, prepare small favors that your guests can take home. These can include mini beach balls, custom sunglasses, or even tiny bottles of sunscreen.

Preparing Your Pool For Guests & Friends

As you gear up to host an unforgettable Labor Day pool party, your preparation should entail cleaning the pool itself. This will ensure a fun and enjoyable experience for your guests. Commence your preparations well in advance by thoroughly cleaning and skimming the pool’s surface to remove debris. Achieve optimal chemical balance by testing and adjusting pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels a few days ahead. Consider administering a shock treatment to eliminate bacteria and enhance water clarity, allowing time for chlorine levels to normalize.

RayPak Avia

Prioritize safety by checking that safety features like gates and covers are functional. Also, make sure to designate a responsible adult as a “water watcher” if needed. Clean the pool’s interior with scrubbing and vacuuming to maintain its inviting appearance. Verify the proper functioning of equipment such as pumps, filters, and lighting through pre-party testing. Lastly, stock up on pool supplies, floats, and safety equipment. It’s also smart to create a designated clean zone with a rinse-off area to keep the pool pristine.

On the day of the party, ensure the poolside area is well-organized and welcoming, with ample seating and shading options for guest comfort. Consequently, by adhering to these preparations, you’ll create a picture-perfect setting for an unforgettable Labor Day pool party that everyone will relish.

Want to throw the ultimate Labor Day pool party? We're here to help with some suggestions.
Want to throw the ultimate Labor Day pool party? We’re here to help with some suggestions.

A Few Products We Recommend For Your Labor Day Pool Party

Ultimately, while Labor Day signifies the conclusion of summer, it offers a golden opportunity to throw a fun and patriotic pool party that celebrates the joys of the season. By infusing creativity, thoughtfulness, and a dash of summer magic, you can bid adieu to the warmer months with a Labor Day pool party that your guests will remember for years to come. So, seize the chance to embrace the spirit of summer one last time and make your Labor Day pool party the talk of the town!

4.7/5 - (27 votes)

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Industry News

Goldfish Swim School Celebrates A Wave-Making Summer, With Franchisee Accolades, Noteworthy Openings And A Golden Announcement



TROY, Mich. (Aug. 17, 2023) –   Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC, recognized five fin-tastic franchisees at its second annual School Leadership Summit in Troy, Michigan, earlier this month. The event provides school leadership teams and owners the opportunity to connect, celebrate successes and milestones, and share learnings and best practices. 

The Franchise Team, with help from brand ambassador and Olympic gold medalist Cullen Jones, presented the five Core Value Awards to schools who embody the unique set of values that have made Goldfish Swim School a leader in its category and communities: 

  • Going Above and Beyond to Create a Golden Experience – Larisa and Jeff Posner,  Goldfish Swim School –  Springfield, New Jersey
  • Providing Wow! Customer Service – Gilbride Ownership Group, Goldfish Swim School – North Canton, Ohio
  • Treating People with Integrity, Compassion & Trust – Gina Thomas, Goldfish Swim School – Winter Park, Florida
  • Meeting & Exceeding Expectations so you see Extraordinary Results – BHB Ownership Group, Goldfish Swim School – Canton, Michigan
  • Making a Big Deal out of Life’s Accomplishments by Remembering to Celebrate – Wyckoff Ownership Group, Goldfish Swim School – Boise, Idaho  

Strengthening the core of the Goldfish Swim School franchise, the brand entrusts franchisees to integrate these guiding principles into both the day-to-day operations of their swim schools and within their local communities. 

“It brings us great joy to engage with, recognize and celebrate our franchisees from all over North America. We appreciate their relentless dedication to living and demonstrating our core values in their communities and in their schools.” said Chris McCuiston, CEO & Co-Founder of Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC. “Through their efforts, we’re able to teach more than 200,000 kids how to be safer in and around the water each week, and we’re eager to witness the continued growth of our franchisees and the brand.” 

While all together, the brand also celebrated the milestone grand opening of Goldfish Swim School’s 150th school in Astoria, New York in June. The school is owned and operated by the brand’s first franchisees, BHB Group, led by Katie Lee and Hope and Brian Bayer. This is BHB Group’s 20th open school across seven states: Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, New York and Maryland. 

Adding to this momentum, Goldfish Swim school proudly commemorated the addition of drowning prevention advocate and World Champion Swimmer Ryan Murphy, alongside his parents Pat and Katy Murphy, and grandfather, Mike Sullivan, who plan to open Goldfish Swim School – Saint Johns, near his hometown in Florida. The school is slated for a spring 2024 opening.  

Goldfish Swim School continues to lead the way in franchising for children’s swim schools.  This year, the brand achieved the top spot in the Children’s Swimming Lessons category and secured the 69th position overall in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. It also received recognition among the top 200 franchises and was distinguished as a leading Recession-Proof Franchise by Franchise Business Review

With now more than 150 locations open and an additional 150+ schools in development, the brand remains focused on its strategic franchise expansion across North America.  

Franchise opportunities remain available in Dallas, TX, throughout California and in Canada. For more information on Goldfish Swim School and its franchising opportunities, please visit or call 248-801-1850.  

About Goldfish Swim School:   

Founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife team Chris and Jenny McCuiston, Troy, Michigan-based Goldfish Swim School provides swim lessons and water safety instruction to infants and children aged four months to 12 years. Classes are led by specially trained instructors in a safe, child-friendly environment using a research-based philosophy called The Science of SwimPlay®. Since opening its first franchised location in 2009, the brand has grown to 150+ schools in 30+ states, with an additional 150+ in development. Goldfish is ranked No. 69 overall in Entrepreneur’s 2023 Franchise 500® and has been recognized as the No. 1 provider of children’s swimming lessons  for seven consecutive years, was named to Franchise Times’ Top 500 for 2022 and is rated as a Top Franchise by Franchise Business Review for 2023. Goldfish Swim School is currently in the process of expanding franchise opportunities throughout North America. For information on franchising, go to

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